Mum 2 Mum

Mum 2 Mum Review by: Jennifer Stepniowski, Regional Operations Manager, Pro QC International

Smart IT Founded in 2004 and operated by two Mums, Jo Keall and Jo Bondin, Mum 2 Mum designs, manufactures and sells infant accessories and textiles such as bibs, burp cloths, hooded towels, etc. What started out as frustration from the lack of good quality baby products available on the New Zealand market coupled with experience with reflux babies and eczema, their signature product, the Wonder Bib™, was developed.

Today, Mum 2 Mum can be found in over 647 shops worldwide. Distributors exist throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, South Africa and The Netherlands. A significant contributor to this level of success is certainly their dedication to ensuring quality products. According to Jo and Jo, "The Mum 2 Mum team is passionate about producing quality products that really work." In that respect, they do not "want to sacrifice quality for quantity and realize the importance of taking these growth steps at a manageable level to ensure the long term success of their brand."

Pro QC has partnered with Mum 2 Mum since July 2008 and performs both in-process and pre-shipment inspections of products at suppliers’ locations in China. In addition to inspections, Pro QC has recently assisted Jo & Jo with negotiations on-site. And, Pro QC has coordinated lab tests to certify that Mum 2 Mum’s bibs, hooded towels, burp cloths and bandana bibs that are made in China and sold in the USA are in compliance with the CPSIA ( regulations. Sections 101 and 108 of this regulation concerns lead and phthalate content of products sold in the U.S.

When asked what separates Pro QC from other third-party providers, we were told that "for us, it was simply being able to deal with an efficient company that could report back to us in a timely manner, and more importantly we were able to deal with an English speaking company in a foreign country." Further, they noted that “by hiring Pro QC, it has enabled us to focus more on our company growth with our markets offshore – by this, we mean by having Pro QC on the ground in China visiting our factories, we are able to trust that the brand is being manufactured with better quality and at the same time it saves us time by not having to travel to China with each order. Having trust in the brand is huge, but having trust in the brand’s quality is even bigger."

For more information regarding Mum 2 Mum, visit their website at For more information regarding Pro QC’s suite of third-party quality services, visit or contact an account manager directly.

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