Supply Chain Security Compliance Program

Risks in your supply chain can occur anywhere along the value-chain, from the start of production through to when the product reaches the end customer.

Pro QC’s Supply Chain Security Compliance Program assists your organization to assess, enhance, and ensure the security compliance of the vendors throughout your supply chain.

This includes every mode of handling, transportation, and any temporary storage locations such as trucking, cross-port holds, and warehouses. Each stage is a point of security risk exposure, for example, cargo theft, illegal trafficking, and human smuggling to name just a few.

The overarching purpose of a Supply Chain Security (SCS) Management System is to systematically manage security in each stage of the supply chain. An effective SCS Audit and well-integrated SCS management system help identify high-risk areas within your supply chain and mitigate the associated risks; thus, protecting important assets, associates, customers, and communities.

Pro QC’s SCS Compliance Offering

Successful organizations periodically conduct an SCS Audit to evaluate their factory’s or vendor’s security compliance to international standards. Our Supply Chain Security solutions focus on two such standards:

C-TPAT Compliance Audit

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a US government business initiative developed by the US Customs and Border Protection within the US Department of Homeland Security.

C-TPAT Compliance Audit

GSV Compliance Audit

The Global Security Verification (GSV) Standard is a program developed by Intertek to help international merchants as well as distributors establish and improve their global security-verification process. The aim is to provide safety assurance, risk control, efficiency, and cost savings for all participants.

GSV Compliance Audit

Who Should Use Pro QC’s SCS audit and Compliance Program?

Distributors, resellers, or companies that sell to big-box retailers must often comply with the retailer’s in-house vendor compliance. This could be Walmart’s Standards for Supplier, Home Depot’s Vendor Code of Conduct, or any other big-retailer-standard where supply chain security compliance is required.

Our clients tend to have 10 – 30 vendors in different parts of the world that are required to comply with C-TPAT, GSV, or any of the in-house supply chain security compliance standards set out by their buyers. Pro QC’s Supplier Management Team and our qualified global auditors are here to assist in assessing, setting action plans, and monitoring your vendor’s compliance performance.

Common Supply Chain Security Compliance Criteria

Below are some common criteria that can be found in most supply chain security standards:

  • Records and Documentation
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Information Access Controls
  • Shipment Information Controls
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Contractor Controls
  • Export Logistics
  • Transparency in Supply Chain

If our assessment of your factory or vendor reveals that they are at risk, our experienced auditors will develop a corrective action plan. We also can support the implementation of corrective actions and ensure the necessary improvements to security compliance.

Additionally, we provide a 1-day training session on the above criteria. We have successfully helped many factories enhance their security measures to achieve and pass compliance audits.

Pro QC’s Supplier Management Service

Most of our clients have a portfolio of 5 to 50+ factories that require C-TPAT or GSV compliance. Pro QC can help manage the compliance performance of the entire supplier portfolio by:

  1. Performing an on-site risk assessment
  2. Establishing a corrective action plan
  3. Verifying corrective action implementation through detailed follow-up activities
  4. Scheduling subsequent annual visits based on supplier risk level
  5. Providing a supplier portfolio dashboard and performance analysis

Our supplier management team can create a customized checklist that meets the most specific requirements. The supplier management service is particularly suitable for small QA teams with a large supplier base across the globe. Our project team will help reduce overhead and time spent dealing with suppliers and manage all necessary actions for each supplier. Get in touch with us and tell us how we can assist your team.

Other Factory Compliance Solutions

Factories have a range of local and global best practices and compliance standards to consider when aiming to be a reliable manufacturing partner. If a particular standard is not listed here, visit our Factory and Supplier Audits page to explore our wide range of supplier management services. Our team has the relevant experience to provide a bespoke approach or solution to meet any validation or certification requirement.

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