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Cook’s Direct, Inc. of Lisle, IL ( offers an extensive line of innovative and durable foodservice products for the most demanding foodservice operations. They provide one stop shopping, foodservice expertise and same day shipping. With innovation as their core value, they continuously develop new, unique and specialty products to markets including nursing homes, correctional institutions and schools.

Cook’s sources in China, India, Malaysia and Thailand, where Pro QC represents their interests in the quality and conformance of their products at the factories. We interviewed Jeffrey Breeden, COO & Chief Merchant, about their objectives and results with Pro QC.

When asked about their reasons for using 3PQ services, Jeff answered that “QA is tremendously important, and we didn’t have the process in place with our vendors in Asia other than relying on the suppliers” to make the highest quality products. “We wanted someone who could independently represent us in reviewing processes and checking final goods” he continued, “we were doing OK but we want to plug a potential hole – Pro QC is our outsource QA department worldwide.”

The Pro QC global system allows for consistent service quality. Even if your supply chain is distributed in multiple countries, as Cook’s is, you manage one relationship with Pro QC and we take care of the rest.

Jeff concluded “Not only have we controlled the quality, working with Pro QC we’ve improved the quality. We’ve also reduced the cases where factories change the product, improved our relationships with the factories through the inspection reports and lowered costs for our suppliers and Cook’s by catching quality problems before they’re shipped. Having Pro QC on our team makes it easier to source in new parts of the world.”

Pro QC account managers are ready to help you achieve the results you need. To get started using Pro QC’s services to reduce your outsourcing risks and cost, contact us through our web site at

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