Kärcher, a family-owned company, is the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Making a difference through top performance, innovation and quality, Kärcher products are sold by 105 companies in 65 countries.

Offering cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, home, trade and industry with outstanding value for money, Kärcher has registered more than 1,700 patents and industrial designs with brands including Hotsy and Shark pressure washers, Spraymart floor care & pressure wash supply, Cuda aqueous parts washers among others.

For Kärcher, suppliers are identified as an important success factor. In this respect, Pro QC has worked with Kärcher for nearly two decades and provides a range of quality solutions that has included supplier audits, pre-shipment QC product inspections, first-article inspections and supplier development. Pro QC has supported Kärcher in China, Taiwan, India and Italy.

Kärcher is clear regarding the importance of their suppliers and has indicated, “Our suppliers are part of our value chain. Together with them, we work continuously to optimize production intensity and process design. We ensure competitiveness in quality and costs through our responsiveness, speed and flexibility.”

Pro QC connected with Marc Feller, Sourcing & Procurement Quality – Vendor & Audits, and inquired about Pro QC’s relationship with Kärcher and our ability to assist as their partner in quality. Mr. Feller advised they “have a very good working, open and friendly relationship.” He continued to say they “had many inquiries from other service providers, but as long as we are very satisfied with service and performance, there is not need to deal with other service suppliers.”

The Pro QC team takes great pride in assisting organizations by providing on-site quality and PO management solutions that reduce associated risks and cost. As companies grow, Pro QC continues to provide support and executes the scalability required to provide seamless service.

Contact us for additional information at info@proqc.com. And, learn more about Kärcher by visiting their website at “http://www.karcher.com.

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