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Smart IT Review by: Jennifer Stepniowski, Regional Operations Manager, Pro QC International

With headquarters in Denmark, Smart IT is an international organization that boasts offices in China, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the United States. Established in 1999, Smart IT offers various products relating to personal computing, electronic entertainment, recreation & leisure and information technology.

What separates Smart IT from their competitors is their intense focus on quality. In fact, they promote themselves as “your global source for best value, quality assured, latest technology business and consumer products.” They also proudly identify quality as a core focus, in addition to customer service and speed.

Pro QC established a relationship with Smart IT in 2004 and has since provided product inspections and supplier audits at various locations in China and Taiwan. For additional insight into our involvement in their quality assurance program, we spoke with Jakob Ludvigsen, Smart IT’s CEO.

Jakob explained that they started out their business in China with an in-house inspector that turned out to be an “inefficient and expensive solution.” He went on to say that having someone on staff was inefficient when more than one inspection was required per day and expensive when travel outside of the local area was required. Pro QC was recommended to Jakob by a business contact and he has utilized our services ever since.

In line with its policy of bringing its customers the very latest and most exciting developments in design and technology, Smart IT is committed to continually creating, enhancing and adding new products and innovations to its catalogue whilst continuously striving to improve its supply chain fulfillment service.” At Pro QC, we believe we add value to this process by providing Smart IT with quality control services that reduce their risks and cost.

For more information regarding Smart IT, visit their website at For more information regarding Pro QC’s suite of third-party quality services, visit or contact your Pro QC account manager.

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