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Soluciones De Sourcing Review by: Jennifer Stepniowski, Special Projects Manager, Pro QC International

(Sourcing Solutions) was established in 2006 as a trading company dedicated to enhancing the consumer electronics market, with primary product lines including Vios GPS, MP3, MP4 and DVD players. SDS’s experience developing products and brands within the Mexican market has earned them the distinct reputation of offering the most competitive prices in the NAFTA region, along with product quality and superior service.

Soluciones De Sourcing strives to keep operating expenses to a minimum, which allows them to “leverage their extensive experience and broad knowledge base to develop and commercialize products lines and brands of consumer electronics that allows both SDS and their clients to increase sales volume and profitability.” Since inception, SDS has realized the importance of quality and the idea that ensuring quality ultimately reduces risk and costs.

Realizing the importance of product quality, Soluciones De Sourcing partnered with Pro QC in 2007 when the company was recognized as Cinescopios y Componentes. The partnership with SDS includes in-process and final pre-shipment inspections at various supplier locations. From DVDs to clock radios and coffee makers, SDS has entrusted Pro QC with the task of ensuring product quality on-site. In addition to inspections, Pro QC performs supplier audits for SDS as well.

Hilda Garcia provided feedback regarding Soluciones De Sourcing’s relationship with Pro QC. She states their primary purpose in using Pro QC’s services is to “reduce risks and detect any inconveniences in products and improve the quality.” When asked what separates Pro QC from other 3PQ providers, she indicates it’s the “fast answers, completed reports, good communication and that people are always available to do any testing.” She went on to add that Pro QC has aided in developing their supplier base and supply chain management functions by being able to “offer products with best quality” and the ability to “detect any mistakes before shipment.”

To learn more about Soluciones De Sourcing, visit their website at To learn more about reducing quality risk & costs, contact Pro QC or visit us online at

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