Technogym Review by: Jennifer Stepniowski, Regional Operations Manager, Pro QC International

Technogym, established in 1983 in the founder’s garage, is easily considered a world leader in the design of fitness equipment for both commercial and residential use today. Headquartered in Gambettola, Italy, Technogym employs over 1,400 people with equipment being used by well over 15 million. In fact, Technogym’s equipment can be found within a variety of venues, including fitness centers, corporate gyms, universities, hotels, medical rehabilitation facilities and more.

As the official supplier of all training equipment and gym management for the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008, Technogym certainly stands by their mission, which is to “create, design and manufacture innovative solutions to foster the physical and physiological wellbeing of people and enhance the quality of life through physical activity.” In their own words, “the proven quality and durability is what makes Technogym the number one choice.”

Pro QC has worked with Technogym since October of 2004, providing on-site inspections of various parts, components and equipment at locations in China and Taiwan. Pro QC also performs quality system and process audits for Technogym as necessary.

We asked Pierangelo Laghi, Tehnogym’s Product & Process Quality Manager, why he chooses to use Pro QC’s services. His response was that “having started their outsourcing project in 2004, they were very concerned about quality and reliability as Technogym’s products are very high end. We realized very soon that we could not control the customer product development and manufacturing using a ‘remote control’, but at the same time we could not afford to have people permanently on-site. I called a couple of friends I knew already had implemented an outsourcing project and was given the Pro QC contact. Since then, we cooperate very closely for every single part we outsource in Asia and our defect rate has dropped by 52%.”

Pierangelo went on to mention that Pro QC has greatly aided in the development of Technogym’s supplier base and supply chain management functions. “We consult on a regular basis and especially when we are approaching a new manufacturer or a new development project. We normally visit our perspective suppliers together and join our expertise in what I call the ‘supplier picking’ art. Once in production, the inspection, audit and follow-up activity are precious to stabilize the quality output so that we have a smooth delivery flow.”

To learn more about Technogym, visit their website at Or, to learn more about how Pro QC can help stabilize your quality output, contact an account manager today.

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