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Wattstopper/Legrand Review by: Jeffrey Moellering, Marketing & Sales Director, Pro QC International

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, Watt Stopper/Legrand (www.wattstopper.com) makes energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use.

Currently, almost half of an average building’s energy usage comes from lighting. Next to heating and air conditioning systems, lighting systems account for the greatest energy consumption and costs.

To reduce the economic burden on homeowners and commercial enterprises, lighting controls are becoming a standard design practice. In 2002, the federal government adopted mandatory lighting control provisions with which state energy codes must comply.

Watt Stopper provides convenient solutions that save energy, meet green initiatives and comply with energy codes through their products, programs and services.

Their products are on the cutting edge in implementing tomorrow’s green economy in both commercial and residential settings, through cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Watt Stopper and Pro QC have a long and successful history, having worked together closely since 1999.

We spoke with Salah Zeid, Watt Stopper’s Director of Quality.

Salah said that “before contacting Pro QC, I searched the internet and consulted with friends and found that Pro QC matched our requirements. When we tried Pro QC’s services, we were pleasantly surprised. We use Pro QC services in China and Taiwan for third party final inspection and testing at sub-contract factories.”

We asked Salah what benefits have accrued from using Pro QC’s services and how has that helped Watt Stopper competitively?

He explained that “Pro QC is very unique, reliable, dependable, flexible and very accommodating even at short notice. Pro QC’s ability to catch errors and mistakes at the source, the factories, allows Watt Stopper to maintain its quality edge over its competitors.”

Pro QC tests and inspects many of Watt Stopper’s most popular passive infrared, ultrasonic and dual sensors for wall mount, ceiling and outdoor applications.

Our extensive team of highly qualified electrical engineers provides Watt Stopper with years of technical training and specialized expertise, delivering prompt and professional services on demand, at facilities throughout Asia.

Contact Pro QC today to find out how we can help your company streamline your supply chain, thereby reducing your risks and costs.

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